Key Points:

  • Repealing the 2017 tax cuts will raise taxes on individual families. The Right Facts has calculated the additional amount of income facing taxation (figure above) and the additional tax burden (tables below).
  • Absent the 2017 tax cuts, single filers/heads of household with one dependent will be taxed on an additional $7,523 in income. Other typical families will also be taxed on additional income.
  • A median-income household of four would see the largest percentage increase in taxes at 403 percent or $1,792.
  • Single filers / heads of household with one dependent would face a tax hike of $1,500 or 128 percent of their tax burden before the 2017 tax cuts.

In Depth: 

Repealing the individual side of the 2017 tax cuts would raise taxes on nearly all Americans, with the largest increases in federal income taxes borne by low- and medium-income earners. Using the Open Source Policy Center’s Tax-Cruncher, The Right Facts has calculated the impact of repealing the 2017 tax cuts on different household types.

Single Filers

Joint Filers, Moderate Income

Joint Filers, High Income